Air Fright Export and Import..

Air Fright Import

Our constant objective towards our valued customers is to face up to the ever increasing complexity of demand for their import requirements We achieve this by providing shipping expertise along with our associates partner located all around the globe with tie up with more than 40 agents worldwide, RSL is in strong position to offer its client for their import shipment high level of quality services at an economic cost.

Our services include
• Pick up of shipment from shipper’s door.
• Keeping track of shipmements at origin and inform consignee on every detail from pick up to delivery
• Provide pre alerts and flight details
• Securing advance set of documents to assist customers to file prior bill of entry
• Post landing services to assist our clients in case of any problem arising due to airline/customs.
• Airport to airport services
• Door to door services
• Competitive price
• Committed transit time
• Instant shipment status report
• Pre alert and advance set of documents, thus improving custom release timely.

Air Fright Export

Besides direct airfreight services from all locations in the world we are able to offer “price effective shipping alternative with our import consolidations services for shipments of any size or weight.

Our services include
• Right schedule
• Right airline routing
• Space allocation
• Custom clearance & documentation
• Economical price
• Cargo booking
• Door to door servises
• Airport to airport services
• Instant shipping status report
• Provide consignee pre alert information status
• Arrange packaging on request
• Store goods at ware house until needed