Door To Door Services..

Door to door logistics covering specialized services like shipping documentation, warehousing, insurance, transportation services with pick up and delivery throughout India Rising Sun is represented around the world by a network of authorized professional freight agents are experts in the handling of freight shipments through their local areas. They are familiar with local customs and regulations; they are reliable and can be depended on to provide the highest level of service. Should your shipments require Government clearance or special handling on arrival we will use our communication network to alert our agents to prepare the necessary paper work.

Shipments can be picked up by the consignee or we can arrange to have it delivered to the consignees door. Special- Handling Many commodities require special handling procedures, perishables and dangerous goods must be handled rapidly, and with concern for both the products and the safety of the carrier moving the products. Rising Sun staff is familiar with the requirements for handling all types of perishable or dangerous goods. They will be pleased to share their acknowledge concerning proper packaging and labeling of these commodities.