International Freight Forwording..

One of the greatest advantages of choosing the solutions of an expert freight forwarder is that it would act as the freight expediter for transport of products. Since intermodal transport has progressed significantly and is more complicated than ever, the part conducted by a freight forwarder has become essential for fulfilling the requirements of small as well as big businesses.

A freight forwarder is given the task of receiving trade shipping for a customer at any point of source, organizing for insurance coverage policy, organizing consolidations of less-than-container fill lots, and organizing free home distribution overseas if needed. In other words, the part conducted by nationwide and/or worldwide freight forwarders is all about providing together all the reduce finishes that are needed to be synchronized if some products are to be delivered to customers, nationwide or worldwide, in the course of nationwide or worldwide trade

We have a well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With an extensive team of experts supervising operations, Jeena offers the best fit solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast agent network of air, ocean, rail or road transport facilities. All of which provides its customers with faster and wider access to vital markets globally.

What's more is that with the large volumes it handles, we are also able to offer to customers extremely competitive freight rates across multiple locations.

Our Unique Selling Prepositions:
1. Single Negotiable Documents
2. Door to Door Service
3. Ability to offer customized solutions based on individual customer requirements
4. Range of services that cover every aspect of supply chain solution
5. Wide international network of partners to expedite cargo movement